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Wasp Removal Windsor

Wasp removal Windsor is extremely essential otherwise one will always fear for his/her family being exposed to the wasp stings. A wasp hive can be located anywhere in the house or near the house. In the daytime, the workers and drones leave the nest to find food for the newborn and in the search, they might encounter your children or another family member. Professional wasp exterminators understand the behavior of wasp very well, and it is best to leave the work on them. Our amenities not only cover the wasp extermination but likewise;

  • Residential & Commercial Pest Management
  • Bed Bug Removal in Windsor
  • Mosquito Control
  • Immediate bed bug treatment in Windsor
  • Professional Fly Killer in Windsor

How to NOT Remove a Wasp Hive!

As being one of the top pest control companies in Windsor we recommend you to NOT follow some pathetic ways in order to get rid of the wasp hive. Wasps can habitat any place, there is no surprise in that. And if they have come to your place then certain professional wasp exterminator in Windsor like Canadian Pest Solutions will help you in removing them.

Techniques do not follow to remove Wasp hives:

  • Water
  • Placing Bait
  • Burning a Wasp Nest
  • Destroying a Wasp Nest with a Bat
  • Don’t Swat at Them


Some think that flooding the nest is an efficient way to get rid of wasps. It can damage the vanity if the nest is located inside the house. On the other hand, it will only make a mess of floating wasps on the ground with many flying around to sting!

Placing Bait

Placing baits is another way, novice people do to detract the nest. Wasp removal by placing nectar, fruits, or even insects near the hive will only provide them a supper not a reason to leave.

Burning a Wasp Nest

Burning a wasp nest is a totally kiddish way to deal with this problem. Burning the nest will alert and give them a threatened feeling. In that case, the wasp will leave the nest and attack the person in contact.

Destroying a Wasp Nest with a Bat

This might sound enjoyable like hitting a pinata with a baseball bat but no, this is not the same. In the pinata, you will find sweet candies but here are painfully stinging nasty wasps.

Don’t Swat at Them

Hitting the wasp nest will not make the wasps go away. It will only give them a reason to come out of the nest and sting everyone they see.

How to Really Get Rid of Wasps!

Having a wasp hive in the garden is just hazardous and infuriating. A professional wasp removal Windsor service will remove them out of the place. Canadian Pest Solutions knows the safest ways to get rid of wasp nests right away.

Calling Professional Wasp Exterminators

Calling the best pest control in Windsor will help you get rid of wasps. They acquire all the necessary tools and equipment that are obliging in wasp extermination. The most essential things being cared of in the process of wasp nest removal in Windsor are;

  • Safety Equipment
  • Professionally Working in Small Spaces
  • Expert Knowledge
  • Professional Products
  • Reasonable Disposal

Safety Equipment

Our professional team acquires proper safety equipment that includes; personal protective equipment (PPE) and respiratory protective equipment (RPE). These tools prevent any harm to health during wasp nest removal near me facilities.

Professionally Working in Small Spaces

In the small spaces like an attic, or basements, etc., the wasp removal Windsor service is hard to perform. But our faculty has been in the job for several years, thus they know every proper step to do it even there.

Expert Knowledge

The staff knows all about the wasp’s behavior and habit, so it becomes easy for us to deal with them. The knowledge helps to understand what might and might not do.

Professional Products

We acquire professional products that are not available to the local public. Thus, this signature the quality and professionality of our wasp removal Windsor services.

Reasonable Disposal

Our company is responsible and dispose of the wasp nest responsibly. We have proper airtight containers to hold down the nesting bag until we reach a destination.

wasp removal windsor

Method for Wasp Removal

A professional method for wasp removal Windsor is the only way to ensure the most effective and safe service. On the other hand, we likewise acquire the most effective bed bug treatment procedures that ensure results. But here, the key points in the procedure are given;

Precautions to Take Before Wasp Removal Windsor

There are some precautions that are necessary to take during the wasp removal Windsor service. The precautions are;

  • Well Thought Out Plan
  • Proceeding at Night-Time
  • Protective Clothing
  • Avoiding Use of Lights
  • Keeping Individuals Away

Well Thought Out Plan

A well thought out plan is the key to do the services successfully. Even in the other procedures like bed bug exterminator service, a well-mapped plan helps to remove the pest efficiently.

Proceeding at Night-Time

The wasp removal Windsor at night time is much safer. The wasps are slothful and lazy at that time and this makes it easy. Also, the workers, queens, and drones are in the nest at this time too.

Protective Clothing

Covering arms, legs, feet, face and every possible part that can be exposed when dealing with wasps is necessary otherwise, they can sting the individuals. Even there is a need to cover the eyes as well with a special face mask made for this purpose.

Avoiding Use of Lights

The use of flashlights or other spotlights at night time is harmful because it might alert the wasp. Thus, it is best to avoid using them.

Keeping Individuals Away

At the time, what a wasp removal windsor team is working, the neighborhood is told to stay inside for some time and also to lock the windows & doors.

How to Remove Wasp Nest

After adhering to all the safety measures, the main procedure of wasp removal Windsor comes up. Before getting to the procedure steps, if you were googling “best pest control companies near me” or “exterminator near me” then rest assured you have already landed in the right place. Our pest services remove all sorts of pesky insects on your site. Now, getting back to the procedure steps that are;

  • Reaching out to the nest quietly.
  • Taking out the bag, bin liner, or other relevant covering bag and slowly covering the nest.
  • The detachment of the wasp nest from the surface and sealing the bag immediately.
  • Putting the bag with the nest in an airtight container or tightly lidded bin away from the house.

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