wasp removal,Wasp Removal Sarnia

Wasp Removal in Sarnia

Wasps are pesky and stubborn. They make nests at the end or start of the year. Wasp removal in Sarnia is a professional way to get rid of their nest. Otherwise, doing wasp nest removal with the DIY method is extremely dangerous unless you are professional and know everything about their behavior. The best way to get rid of wasp nest is by consulting professional faculty for wasp hive removal in Sarnia. Canadian Pest Solutions is a professional firm that provides the finest pest control services. Our amenities cover;

  • Yellow jacket nest removal
  • Small wasp nest removal
  • Hornets nest removal
  • Paper wasp nest removal

We acquire professional staff for the job. They are trained and know every pro & con of this field thus there will not be any inconvenience during the wasp pest control in Sarnia.

Places Where Wasps Make Nests

Certain places are common where wasps make nests. Different places have different perks and cons in their removal process. A professional wasp exterminator in Sarnia like Canadian Pest Solutions knows every possible way to deal with that efficiently. The common locations are;

  • Under the ledges
  • Window Shades
  • Attics
  • Fruit Trees
  • Under the Ground
  • Hard-to-Reach Positions

Under the ledges

The common places where wasps make nests are under the ledges and building brackets. They choose this spot because it is hard-to-reach and away from sight. A professional wasp removal service in Sarnia can deal with these nests and remove them with the help of proper equipment.

Window Shades

Window shades are another common place where wasps reside. Nests on the window shades nearer to the ground floor are much easy to remove than on elevated places.


Old or abandoned wasps love to make their nests in attics. It is because most house attics are regularly visited and they are also elevated from the ground. Wasp nest treatment in it should be handled by professionals otherwise a teensy mishandling can swarm them in the whole house.

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are one of the most favored places for wasps. Although the wasps don’t eat nectar, they eat little insects that are abundant on a fruit tree. Wasp removal is much precarious on a tree that is tangled and big.

Under the Ground

Some wasp habitat abandoned rabbit holes and ground cavities. These underground nests require different wasp nest treatment ways. Professional wasp control in Sarnia deals with them effectively.

Hard-to-Reach Positions

Some other hard-to-reach positions where wasps commonly build their nests need professional wasp removal facilities. They likewise reside in chimneys, ventilation shafts, ductworks, etc. For the removal of wasp nest in chimneys and ductworks, we are here!

Precautions to Take before Wasp Removal

There are some certain precautions that are super necessary to take before wasp removal otherwise there can be severe consequences. Canadian Pest Solutions is a professional pest control firm that has a priority of your and our safety during the wasp removal process. Thus, we adhere to strict precautions to ensure a safe job.

  • No uncovered skin
  • Wearing goggles and a mask
  • Well thought out Plan
  • Proceed at Night-Time
  • Have an Exit Strategy
  • Choosing a way wisely to remove them
  • Using Professional Pesticides
wasp removal,Wasp Removal Sarnia

No Uncovered Skin

Wasp stings are painful. Covering the skin properly with qualified clothing for the job is necessary. Otherwise, it might be harmful. Our wasp nest removal near me service keeps special care of clothing and covering.

Wearing Goggles and Mask

Covering the wrists, legs and other body parts is necessary but wearing goggles and a mask is a must. The teams cover every inch of skin with protective clothing.

Well Thought Out Plan

Well throughout the plan is the key factor that ensures a safe wasp removal. The professionals of Canadian Pests Solutions know every pro and con thus mapping a perfect plan for the service.

Proceeding at Night-Time

The wasps are slothful and lazy at night. Moreover, the workers and drones are in the nest at night. Thus, there is a better chance of getting rid of them properly.

Having an Exit Strategy

A misfortunate can happen anytime, anywhere and to anybody no matter how professional the person is. Consequently, we always have alternatives to every situation that can come.

Choosing a Way Wisely for Removal

Every type of wasp has a different psyche and behavior. For instance, bees act differently and hornets act differently to certain circumstances, so we choose our way for the job wisely.

Using Professional Pesticides

The pesticides we use for wasp removal are professional and do the job efficiently. We acquire proper chemicals that are effective and are available only to professional and registered firms.

Things To do after Wasp Removal

Some things are necessary to do after the wasp removal otherwise they can come back or there might be an infection. An expert firm like Canadian Pests Solutions will advise you to acquire certain ways that will help in getting rid of forthcoming problems;

  • Remove all the Hive Traces
  • Clean the Place
  • Seal entry points
  • Knockdown any other empty nests
  • Hang fake nests on fruit trees

Remove All the Hive Traces

If you had consulted wasp nest removal near me service and the job is done then immediately remove all the hive traces even if there is a teensy bit. Otherwise, it might direct you to any other wasp queen to make a nest there.

Clean the Place

Cleaning the site after the wasp exterminator near me service is necessary. Or else it is possible that it may infect the health of individuals living in the space.

Seal Entry Points

Sealing all the entry points properly helps to keep the wasps out of your environment. Caulking all the cracks and leaks even the minor ones will help.

 Knockdown any Other Empty Nests

If there is an empty nest you have suspected in the place then it is best to knock it down as soon as possible. Because it can be inhabited by any wasp colony thus taking it down is necessary. Our wasp removal near me service takes care of this.

Hang Fake Nests on Fruit Trees

Wasps are extremely territorial. Putting fake nests will keep them away from building the nest on a fruit tree. Paying for fake nests will double the effectiveness of the paper wasp removal service. At first, the wasp nest removal costs are economical, and putting a fake nest on the fruit won’t put a burden on the pocket.

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