You probably discovered your pest problem by accident or through clever suspicion. A never ending line of ants seem to make it into your home or you hear scuffling in the wall that you can’t pin on the pipes or you see a cockroach scurry across the floor. Before you determine what brought your unwanted pests, you take it into your hands to solve the problem yourself. A few minutes of Internet browsing shows you the best products to remove pests or a video for a DIY pest trap. After spending a pretty penny on these products or supplies for a DIY solution, you think that the problem may be out of your hands. Here are some signs that you may need professional help getting rid of your scurrying house squatters:

Your Property Is Damaged

You might find that corners of your rug seem to be a little too frayed or you’ve been finding little pencil-sized paths along your walls. Other furniture and some of your clothes may be bitten too, but the worst is when you have chewed up wires. The short term solution may just be redecorating and replacing some items in your house, but if left unaddressed, your pests may cause electric fires if rodents have been chewing on your wires.

You Find Droppings Or Urine

Unless your dog, cat, or children have shrunk down and made little messes around the house, that pile of droppings are probably from common pests like rat, mice, or cockroaches who have infiltrated your house. Cockroaches have droppings that look like salt, so they may remain undetected a little longer. These “little” messes could cause big health problems for you and your family. These diseases are no joke with long names like leptospirosis that can harm your liver and kidney.

You Hear Strange Sounds

When you have a growing rodent problem, mice and rats make scurrying sounds in the walls meaning that they using the walls as a pathway in and out of the house. If they are brave, you may hear them scurrying across the floor or their squeaking meaning that there are probably a lot more hiding in and around your house.

If you have experienced any of these in your home, it’s probably the best time to contact a professional control professional to evict your unwanted pests before they cause too much damage. When it comes to pest control, London, Ontario’s Canadian Pest Solutions provide both home and commercial pest control with the technical expertise and pest control experts who are experienced with bug removal, insect control, mice control, bed bugs and can definitely help you get rid of ants. South west Ontario pest control managements don’t come better than Canadian Pest Solutions, a family-run business who know all about common pests and how to get unwanted pests out of your home.